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Note of Claims Filed Post December 08, 2022:

With respect to claims filed after the 90th day from the Insolvency Commencement Date i.e. December 8, 2022, an application seeking for directions on treatment of claims received after December 8, 2022, was filed before Honorable NCLT Mumbai, as per the directions of the CoC. The Hon’ble NCLT vide Order as dictated oral pronounced on on the hearing dated August 03, 2023, had has directed the RP to consider claims received post December 8, 2022, on merits as per applicable law. Considering the same, claims received post December 8, 2022, upon verification, shall be included in the list of creditors. Please note that verification of claims post December 8, 2022, is undertaken on the basis of the Order dictated by the Hon'ble NCLT on August 03, 2023, and is subject to the written Order dated August 03, 2023 in the matter once uploaded on the NCLT website

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